On Location Experiences

A turnkey and affordable mobile app solution that personalizes each visitor experience

On Location Experiences (OLE) delivers the right message, in the right place, at the right time, to the right person.

Guide visitors. Provide a tour. Show how-to videos. Share product information. Create a scavenger hunt. Conduct on-site surveys. Focus attention, influence behavior and add measurable value to interactions with brands, products and venues.

With On Location Experiences, you can optimize the opportunity to immediately connect and engage visitors within a defined environment: museums, trade shows, showrooms, public spaces, retail stores, etc.


On Location Experiences creates digital zones within a physical space.

On Location Engagements consists of beacon sensors, online content management and a mobile app. Digital zones are defined within a venue by strategically placing beacons near areas or objects of interest. When a visitor with the OLE app enters an engagement zone, the app is triggered to go to the cloud, retrieve the corresponding information and automatically display it on the user’s smartphone screen. OLE provides instant access to multimedia content — mapping, info, video, audio, surveys, contact — when it's most relevant and when attendees are most receptive.



Interactive Mapping

OLE mapping displays your floor plan for easy orientation and wayfinding. Visitors can see their relative location within the venue and the beacon zone nearest to them. (Think of it like indoor GPS.) Areas of interest can be previewed directly from the map.

Personalized Tours

Create multiple tours or attendee paths to personalize each visit. Direct visitors on specific journeys within a venue based on theme, demographics, marketing objectives or language. Different users can receive different content at the same beaconed area based on their personal interest or attendee credentials.


Engagement Analytics


Get a real measure of attendees' interest level. Did they hang around for 10 minutes? Or did they just walk by? Which exhibits did they visit? What content did they find the most compelling? What didn’t hold their attention? OLE provides insights into how specific messaging can alter engagement, dwell time and traffic patterns. With repeated use, discover trends, predict attendee behavior and maximize venue efficiency.

Simple Content Management

OLE is specifically designed for do-it-yourself set up.  Uploading files can be as simple as cut and paste, or drag and drop. Content can be revised in real time for last minute changes. (No IT department required. Really!)

iOS and Android Beacons

OLE provides you with BLE and WiFI beacons that work with both iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android devices. iBeacons only work on Apple devices, yet Android is 50% of the market in the U.S., 78% of the market globally. OLE believes you need the ability to connect with everyone.



Technical Support

The OLE team will walk (or Skype) you through the entire process. If requested, we can handle the entire deployment including content development, beacon placement, on-site testing and monitoring during an event. The OLE team is available to provide as much support as you require. Email or call us anytime. There are no "after hours."

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