• Each beacon relays unique content relevant to its location
  • Easily repurpose existing content
  • Content personalization based on registration info
  • Allows visitors as much or as little information as they choose
  • Portable - beacons can be moved and content updated
  • OLE can be inserted as part of your existing app


  • Clicks and interaction per beacon
  • Time and length of stay at each beacon
  • Attendee interests
  • Overall length of stay at venue 
  • Movement and traffic pattern
  • Number of return visitors  


  • In-depth information
  • Audio tour
  • Member incentives
  • Notice of upcoming shows
  • Language preferences

Trade Shows

  • Event registration
  • Interactive map  
  • Personalized experience
  • Cross-marketing
  • Show survey


  • Quick implementation
  • Reduce print collateral
  • Video greetings or messages 
  • Special menus
  • Notice of upcoming events


  • Kids' scavenger hunts
  • Video tours
  • Invitation to demo/performance
  • Traffic management
  • Incentive for return visit