Connect on-the-spot, in-the-moment via beacon technology for iPhone, iPad and Android users.

OLE "wakes up" smartphone screens displaying venue mapping and targeted content within proximity of designated engagement zones via beacon technology.

People expect delivery of relevant information direct to their portable devices wherever they are, whenever they want it. OLE optimizes the opportunity to immediately connect with visitors within a defined environment. Like a personal host, OLE directs attention and delivers targeted content promoting more enhanced engagements.

The OLE mobile app can be branded as your own custom app or inserted within an existing app.

Mapping & Wayfinding

OLE's interactive mapping provides easy orientation and wayfinding within a venue. Content for each beacon zone can be previewed from the map to better direct and personalize each visitor experience.

Targeted Content

Assigned content can include product information, video, audio, scavenger hunts, surveys, language preference, upcoming events, cross-marketing, contact info, sponsorship material etc.

Tour Preferences

OLE can provide multiple custom tours by "turning on and off" preselected beacons based on marketing objectives or user preference. For example - Auto Show: "Only show me hybrid cars." Museum: "Take me on a kid's tour."

Engagement Analytics

Data includes: dwell time within each engagement zone, number of interactions per beacon, overall length of stay within venue, movement and traffic pattern within venue, number of return visitors.



Visitors are guided though an environment that interacts with them.

Map Graphic

OLE is a complete turnkey micro-location solution providing proximity beacons, simple DIY drag-and-drop content management and behavior analytics.

OLE Bluetooth LE Beacon for iPhone only

OLE Bluetooth LE Beacon for iPhone only

OLE Dual Mode Beacon for iPhone and Android

OLE Dual Mode Beacon for iPhone and Android


Attendees can create a custom tour based on their own preferences.


OLE allows any venue to come to life and makes every visit a new discovery with simple content updates.

Motivate action based on business objectives.

Deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time.


Direct attention, stimulate curiosity and encourage discovery.


Engage where and when it matters most.