On Location Experiences (OLE) Technology

On Location Experiences creates a digital overlay within a physical venue to provide attendees with enhanced experiences and interactive mapping.

Beacons are small radio transmitters. They do not store any content. All they do is continually pulse signals indicating their presence to any nearby smartphones with the OLE app. (Signaling, I’m here! I’m here!) The OLE mobile app continually “sniffs” for beacons. When in proximity (Aha, I found you!), the app is triggered to retrieve the corresponding content assigned to that specific beacon.

Designed to be a complete micro-location solution, OLE consists of proximity beacons, content manager application and a mobile app. OLE is quick to implement, easy to use and doesn’t require any additional hardware.

  • No hardware or infrastructure investment

  • No QR codes or scanning

  • No check-ins

  • No developer needed

Access to robust WiFi and/or cellular service is necessary for optimum content delivery.



On Location Experiences is a  complete turnkey mobile app & beacon solution


Proximity Beacons

  • Bluetooth LE and WiFi sensors provided to ensure seamless mobile integration with App and Content Manager
  • Range of each beacon can be set individually from 5 to 30 feet through the OLE Content Manager


Branded Mobile App

  • Pre-built, customized to your brand needs
  • For iOS and Android, available for download in the App Store and Google Play
  • Slide-out menu allows for instant mobile app for your brand


OLE Content Manager

  • Private partition for individual client use
  • Copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop content upload
  • Can be updated instantly from anywhere


Content Development

Many clients have the resources to create or repurpose content to meet their objectives. For others, OLE provides comprehensive creative services for an additional fee.



Implementation is really a function of content development. If you choose to keep the content simple, OLE can be deployed within a couple weeks; longer if content needs to be created. Physical beacon placement can be done a day or two prior to the actual event.



Pricing is determined by two factors—the number of beacon zones required and the length of deployment. OLE has been utilized at a one-time evening event for as few as 100, and a permanent installation with over a million visitors annually. Email us to discuss pricing and options for your specific needs.



Will On Location Experiences work anywhere?

Access to robust WiFi and/or cellular service is necessary for optimum user experience.


Does the app need to be on to get content delivery?



Which mobile devices are compatible with On Location Experiences?

All mobile devices supported by iTunes App Store and Google Play are compatible with OLE dual mode beacons: iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, iTouch 4 and later and all Android devices.


How will people know to download the app?

Many clients choose to brand OLE as their own mobile app for download. Others insert an API into their exisiting app. Downloading an app has become less of a barrier. In fact, it’s reported that 85% of mobile users prefer using apps rather than mobile websites. (Compuware, 2013)


Do I have to use beacons from On Location Experiences?

Yes. Our OLE beacons are specifically calibrated for use with the OLE mobile apps and OLE Content Manager.


How are the beacons attached?

Beacons are small and light and can be attached to a wall or objects with tape or placed on a shelf, next to a product. Beacons can be visible or hidden.


What about privacy?

OLE is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and users. Aggregated data collected by OLE is anonymous. Clients may choose to add their own opt-in registration.