OLE is simple, intuitive and affordable.

Designed expressly to be unobtrusive yet ubiquitous, tiny technology serving a giant purpose. OLE works seamlessly within any defined space: museums, trade shows, showrooms, public spaces, attractions, etc. App-based technology that is easy to use, easy to install and economical. Developed to provide effortless DIY set up with drag and drop content management.

  • No hardware or infrastructure investment
  • No QR codes or scanning
  • No check-ins
  • No GPS
  • No need to know code
  • No privacy concerns


    Simple DIY Setup  (No IT Department needed)


    Set up account and download OLE Content Manager.


    Place beacons in your physical space.  Indicate locations on Content Manager and select range for each beacon: 5 to 30 ft.

    Drag & Drop

    Simply drag and drop video files, text, audio files, web links, html, etc. for each beacon onto the Content Manager. Update from anywhere.


    Users download app from iTunes App Store or Google Play. API framework is also available.  



    What phones does OLE work with? 

    All mobile devices supported by iTunes App Store and Google Play are compatible with OLE dual mode beacons: iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, iTouch 4 and later and all Android devices.


    Will OLE work anywhere?

    Access to robust WiFi and/or cellular service is necessary for optimum content delivery.


    How long will it take to get OLE up and working? 

    Implementation time is really a function of your content. If you choose to keep the content simple or repurpose existing content, OLE can be implemented within a week; longer if content needs to be created.


    What is the range of a beacon? 

    Each beacon range can be set individually in our OLE Manager with a range of 5 to 30 feet.


    How are the beacons attached? 

    Beacons are small and light and can be attached to a wall or objects with tape or placed on a shelf, next to a product. Beacons can be visible or hidden.


    How many people can access a beacon at the same time? 

    There is no limit.


    How do visitors know when they are in an OLE beacon area?

    Content will automatically appear on smartphone or tablet screen when the user is within the specified  beacon range.


    Can OLE technology be inserted into my existing mobile app?

    Yes, we can provide you with an API code for both iOS and Android.  


    How will visitors know to download the OLE app?

    We will provide signage and decals for your use, however we recommend you suggest or incentivize visitors to download the OLE app to maximize their experience. The OLE app is free and will work in all OLE enabled locations.


    Is there tech support?

    Of course. We will walk you through everything and do a site visit to ensure all is working properly. Email or call us anytime.


    Should I be concerned about privacy? 

    OLE is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. OLE aggregated data is anonymous and shared only for the purpose of determining content interest.